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Hosted by CNE and Inspired Parenting Magazines' Editor in Chief, Sandie Sedgbeer

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Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Life Visioning & Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose

Jenny McCarthy on Autism, Vaccinations & Taking Back Our Parental Power

Author & Education Expert, Linda Lantieri on Building Emotional Intelligence and Inner Strength in our children

Dan Millman on Raising Enlightened Children

Dr. Bruce Lipton on Parents as Genetic Engineers

Lauren Holly on How Adopting Her 3 Boys Changed the Focus of Her life

Kristen Stills & Elaine Hall on Autism: The Musical

Thomas Haller & Chick Moorman on Positive Parenting

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa on Pre and Post-Natal Yoga and the Peaceful Child

Carista Luminare-Rosen, PhD on Parenting Begins Before Conception

Dr. Lauren Feder on The Vaccination Debate & How Homeopathy Can Help

and that's just for starters! On air since June 2008, the Inspired Parenting Radio Show offers a wealth of information to conscious parents - to see a list of all our past guests and shows click here!

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